A repository for scripts used in genome project ➡

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Welcome to Genome Scripts

A repository for scripts used in genome project.

What We can do?

1. Change the genome fa and gff3 format file to Genbank [gff]

python scripts/ -f genbank -s -o /home/zpxu /home/zpxu/genome/annotation.gff3 /home/zpxu/genome/genome.fa

2. Preparing genomes for submission to NCBI [WGS2NCBI]

cd /home/zpxu/software/wgs2ncbi
./script/wgs2ncbi prepare -conf ./share/wgs2ncbi.ini
./script/wgs2ncbi process -conf ./share/wgs2ncbi.ini
./script/wgs2ncbi convert -conf ./share/wgs2ncbi.ini
./script/wgs2ncbi compress -conf ./share/wgs2ncbi.ini

3. Remove duplicate sequence from fasta format files (different IDs but the same sequence) [FASTA] input.fa >unique.fa 2> input.fa output.fa

4. Some gadget used to process the txt/csv format files [TxtTools]

Combine two files

python -f1 csv -f2 table -L gene -R GeneID -w right -o out.csv file1 file2

5. average read length [FASTQ]

./ AS285A_R1.clean.fastq AS285A_R2.clean.fastq